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Navman is calling the new MiVue Pro 4K the best dash cam it has ever built

Navman has released the new MiVue Pro 4K and MiVue Pro 4K DC (dual camera) and the company is calling them the best dash cams it has ever built.

Navman has brought together industry leading features into a single unit so they can act as the driver’s high quality eyes on the road.

The MiVue Pro 4K records in true 4K resolution – 3840 x 2160P at 30 frames per second.

It also has on board 1/1.8-inch low light sensor that draws in a greater amount of light to improve clarity even in low light situations.

Having that improved resolution provides far more detail in your footage so it’s even easier to make out things like number plates, street signs and car makes and models.

Each video is GPS tagged with the exact coordinates of any incident site along with other details like the direction of impact thanks to the onboard 3-axis G-Sensor.

The rear camera has a premium Starvis sensor and a 135-degree field of vision with the ability to record in 2.5K (2560 x 1440P) at 30 frames per second.

The MiVue Pro 4K and MiVue Pro 4K DC (which includes the rear camera) can be operated hands free with your voice which means saving a recording requires the driver to simply tell the device to start recording.

The front camera has a 2.7-inch LCD screen which makes it possible to review footage right there on the device while also offering fast file download via Wi-Fi to the MiVue Pro app.

In the event of an accident, the app allows you to download and share footage instantly from the accident site.

There are a number of safety features built into the MiVue Pro 4K and MiVue Pro 4K DC that will benefit even drivers of older cars.

These features include front collision warnings along with stop and go warnings when the vehicle in front of you has moved away If you’re still stationary.

There is also a lane departure warning system and even rear collision warnings which will offer an alert if someone is following too close behind you.

The MiVue Pro 4K also advises when you’re approaching safety cameras, red light cameras, school zones and railway crossings.

Drivers can also add the SmartBox for an additional $79 which will provide a continuous power source for the dash cam to operate in parking mode.

This means the MiVue Pro 4K can trigger recordings if someone hits your parked car and drives away.

The MiVue Pro 4K is priced at $369 while the MiVue Pro 4K DC (dual camera) is priced at $529.