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Rode releases Wireless PRO – a wireless microphone system that’s packed with features

Rode has unveiled a new wireless microphone system – the Wireless PRO – which is designed to meet the needs of filmmakers and content creators.

The new compact wireless system is the most powerful Rode has ever created and delivers both versatility and high-quality audio to satisfy the most demanding filmmakers and creators.

The Wireless PRO has an impressive set of features not found in any microphone and Rode has managed to pack them in to this compact wireless system.

And Rode has still managed to offer the same pocket-sized design as the rest of the company’s range with a black-on-black colour to make them easier to stay hidden.

“In 2019, the Wireless GO was the first truly wireless microphone to enter the market,” says Rode CEO Damien Wilson.

“Rode was the first company to create a compact and easy to use workflow that forever changed the way creators capture audio for their content.

“The Wireless GO II took this even further, adding incredible new features and setting a new standard for compact wireless audio.

“Today, we take this iconic microphone a step further once again with the Wireless PRO.”

The Wireless PRO uses Rode’s Series IV 2.4Ghz digital transmission and near zero latency codec along with 128-bit encryption.

It has a wireless range of up to a remarkable 260m line of sight.

The device has 32-bit float onboard recording capabilities so you can record directly to the transmitters without audio clipping.

This means there will be a backup of the session and eliminates the need to set gain levels before shooting which saves valuable time.

There is 32GB of internal memory which means you can have more than 40 hours of onboard recording with dedicated buttons on the transmitters that allow you to easily start the recording.

When recording audio directly into the camera, the Wireless PRO uses GainAssist technology, first seen with the Wireless ME, that uses an intelligent algorithm to control your audio levels in real time.

This will ensure smooth output that’s balanced while minimising the risk of clipping.

The Wireless PRO offers a flexible output control with a 30dB gain range so you can set the mic’s output to suit the camera.

There are also pre-configured camera presets so you can set up quickly and easily.

The Rode Wireless PRO also has a safety channel which can output a second channel of audio 10dB lower than the main channel just in case the signal is too hot and clips the camera input.

This is like an insurance policy in the event of a ruined recording.

The Wireless PRO has advanced timecode sync capabilities which makes it easier to sync audio to video in post-production.

There is an internal time code generator that can sync audio with any camera which can easily be set up on a computer or smartphone via Rode Central.

There are also a number of other professional features including locking lavalier connectors to ensure your microphone stays in place along with plug-in power detect on the receiver which can automatically turn the unit on and off with the connected camera to extend battery life in the field.

The 3.5mm output on the receiver can also be used as a headphone output for monitoring as well as an audio input for headset or other TRRS narrator microphone such as a lavalier.

Wireless PRO can be easily set up to use on the go on a computer or with a smartphone using the Rode Central companion app.

Wireless PRO comes with everything you need to get to work including a smart charge case which can protect the transmitters and receiver wall not in use but also ensure they’re fully charged and ready to go.

The charge case also makes it easier to transfer data quickly so you can get your on board recordings to a computer in the studio or on the move.

Also included are two Lavalier II microphones for broadcast quality audio and the MagClip GO magnetic clips which offer other mounting options on the talent or on the recording device.

Also in the box are three high quality furry windshields so you can record in any conditions along with all the cables necessary for connecting to cameras, smartphones and other devices.

The Rode Wireless Pro will be available in late August and is priced at $699.


– Compact dual-channel wireless microphone system

– Rode’s state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption for crystal-clear, incredibly stable audio at up to 260m (850 ft) line of sight

– Universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones and computers

– 32-bit float on-board recording with 32GB internal memory for clip-free audio in any recording application

– Advanced timecode capability for quick-and-easy audio sync in post-production

– Intelligent GainAssist technology, flexible output gain control and safety channel for ensuring pristine audio when recording direct to camera

– Locking 3.5mm lavalier connectors for complete security

– Headphone output with on-board level control

– TRRS input for headset or other “narrator” microphone on receiver for recording up to three audio channels simultaneously

– Plug-in power detect for extended battery life

– Complete accessory kit, including smart charge case, two Lavalier II microphones, cables, MagClip GO magnetic mounting clip and accessory case

– Easy configuration on a computer or smartphone via Rode Central

– Designed and made in Rode’s precision facilities in Sydney, Australia