Modern technology gives us many things.

When it comes to tech we’re starting to feel the pain – here are the most common injuries

Technology is supposed to help us but as our devices become a greater part of our daily lives and more and more people are using them the more tech-related injuries we’re hearing about.

A study in the US by Decluttr has revealed the most common tech-related injuries and how they are being caused.

TVs were the most dangerous items making up 30 per cent of tech-related injuries with the most significant being lower back strain while unpacking the TV or moving the TV to another room.

Smartphones were the next most dangerous device and accounted for 23 per cent of tech injuries.

The study revealed it was common for people walking and texting or talking at the same time were tripping or running into things or other people on the street which lead to sprained ankles, facial injuries and bruised elbows.

Another common occurrence was people holding their phones up while laying down only to drop them on their face and cause bruising and, in some cases, lacerations.

Computers, laptops and gaming consoles are also the most popular causes of poor posture which leads to neck, back pain and headaches.

The Decluttr study also revealed “tech neck” was also a common injury – in fact it made up 14 per cent of all injuries.

This is the result of people staring down at their smartphones for longer periods or looking down at laptops for most of the day.

And with more and more people working remotely it is less likely their working conditions would have the same ergonomic standards as working in an office.

There were also reports of earphones being lodged in people’s ear and small batteries being ingested.

“These figures are truly eye-opening and underscore a trend that’s been building for some time now,” says Liam Howley, Chief Marketing Officer at Decluttr.

“With technology becoming deeply entrenched in our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that accidents happen, however, we need to be more conscious of how our tech habits could cause a risk to ourselves and others.

“What’s encouraging to see is that some easy fixes can be made to ensure our tech is just that little bit more safe – sitting up in bed when texting, waiting until we are firmly on stop when out walking to check our devices, or upgrading your home office – these may seem obvious but a more mindful approach to technology will go a long way to reduce injury.”