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Take a look at the C Seed N1 Unfolding TV – the world’s most expensive television

If money is no object, you might want to consider taking a look at the world’s most expensive TV – the 137-inch Unfolding C Seed N1 TV – which can transform from a sculpture to a huge 4K MicroLED screen.

The luxury TV – which likely to be priced at more than $350,000 – will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Word is C Seed is also likely to produce a massive 165-inch model.

The C Seed TV is the world’s first product of this kind and uses cutting edge technology to go from an aluminium minimalist sculpture to rise and unfold into a stunning TV in just 60 seconds.

The MicroLED panels unfold quietly to form a seamless picture with stunning picture quality thanks to Advanced Gap Calibration.

Customers who have a multi-million dollar views they want preserve are the most likely C Seed TV customers.

The TV could be placed in front of their giant window without blocking the view – but then when it’s time to watch TV the N1 would unfold into its massive size and then fold down again after your viewing session is complete.

The N1 used MicroLED technology and offers impressive contrast, brightness and tremendous colour.

MicroLED offers twice the colour accuracy and purity of conventional LED TVs.

Also onboard is 16-bit colour depth processing and advanced HDR and HDR10+ processing to enjoy a stunning viewing experience.

On the audio side, the N1 it has a built-in pre-amp, speakers and an independent subwoofer.