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iPad 10th Generation review – a new look, more powerful and even more attractive


The new iPad 10th Generation is a stunning improvement across the board not only in its sleek new design but its impressive performance and capabilities as well. The iPad has just become even more versatile and even more irresistible.

The humble iPad has taken a huge leap forward with the release of the 10th generation of the popular device which features a new look and an all-screen design.

Since the release of the iPad back in 2010, it has defined the tablet market and this latest iteration is its biggest upgrade.

Not only does it look different but is also running the A14 bionic chip which certainly upgrades its capabilities to do things like edit 4K videos, play the latest graphics-heavy games and last all day on a single charge.

On the design side, this is the iPad’s biggest change.

Gone is the home button and the large forehead and chin above and below the display and in its place is a stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with a resolution of 2360 X 1640.

That’s 264PPI (pixels per inch) and with 500 nits of brightness.

And the good news is despite having a larger 10.9-inch display over the previous generation’s 10.2-inch screen, the device itself is still basically the same size.

The increased screen real estate has been gained by going edge to edge with the screen and moving the Touch ID to the top of the device.

Now the button on top is where you simply rest your finger to unlock the device with your fingerprint.

The other big change is the move to USB-C with the charging port.

There is no longer a Lightning connection to this iPad.

Apple will still offer the 9th generation iPad with its Lightning connection for sale for those customers who are invested in charging multiple Lightning iPads like schools and businesses.

iPad 9th Gen (left) next to iPad 10th Gen

But for those who purchase the new iPad, they need to embrace USB-C for the first time.

The one issue here though, is that the Apple Pencil, which customers love and will still want to use with this latest iPad has a Lightning connector and requires a Lightning port for charging.

And it’s not like you can move up to the second-generation Apple Pencil, this won’t work with the new iPad because there is no magnetic connection on the top edge as seen on the iPad Air and the iPad Pro to pair in charge Apple Pencil.

So you’re really stuck with the original Apple Pencil on this new iPad.

But apple has come to the rescue with a small USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter that connects the Apple Pencil at one end and the included USB C cable at the other end which can then connect to the device’s port for charging.

On the performance side, the new iPad is very impressive thanks to the A14 Bionic chip which offers a 20 per cent improvement over the previous iPad as well as improvements on the graphics side as well.

The iPad can easily perform advanced tasks like video editing, photo editing with large files an even run the most complex games and high-end applications.

In fact, we think the iPad is powerful enough for those customers looking to buy a laptop for basic use like browsing, email and running applications.

We’ve often suggested to our readers and listeners asking for advice on a new laptop to consider the iPad as their device of choice because it can easily handle the tasks and applications they want to run.

The front facing camera, a very popular feature on the iPad, has now been moved to the landscape edge of the device which makes it easier when you’re on a FaceTime call or recording yourself for a social media post.

This new position means you’ll always be looking at the camera.

The other addition is support for Centre Stage which means the camera will automatically pan and zoom and keep you in the middle of the frame even if you’re moving about.

The front camera can shoot up to 1080p at 60 frames per second while the 12-megapixel wide rear camera can capture 4K video and HD video at 240 frames per second to create some stunning slo-mo videos.

Again, the A14 Bionic chip is doing the heavy lifting here and delivers improved dynamic range, more accurate and truer colour and less noise in your images.

Both capturing and listening to audio has taken a step forward with the new iPad.

For recording, the onboard dual microphone system captures quality audio and adjusts depending on the camera that’s being used, either front or rear.

The speakers are now configured in landscape which widens the sound quality to give you an even more immersive experience when watching movies.

Customers who will opt for the wi-fi plus cellular models will be pleased to know the new iPad now features 5G connectivity to get even faster connections on the move.

Apple has also released a new Magic Keyboard Folio with a full keyboard that offers the same typing mechanism seen on its other products.

It also includes a trackpad so you can really increase your productivity and use the iPad just like a laptop.

Also available is a Smart Folio which attaches magnetically to the back and covers the screen to give your iPad maximum protection while still providing a stand for viewing, making FaceTime calls, reading or typing.

The new 10th generation iPad is available in four colours – silver, yellow, pink and blue in either 64GB or 256GB memory variants.

The iPad 10th generation is priced at $749 (64GB – wi-fi only), $999 (256GB wi-fi only), $999 (64GB wi-fi + cellular) and $1,249 (256GB wi-fi + cellular).


The new iPad 10th Generation is a stunning improvement across the board not only in its sleek new design but its impressive performance and capabilities as well. The iPad has just become even more versatile and even more irresistible.