5 Benefits of Hashirama Cells for Characters in Naruto

Hashirama’s cells are a source of great power that comes from Hashirama’s body. Even so, not many characters can use Hashirama’s Cells. Well this time we want to invite you to discuss the benefits that Hashirama Cells provide for characters in Naruto.

As usual, before getting into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article draws on information from existing sources. Still curious? Alright, let’s start the discussion.

Here are the Benefits of Hashirama Cells for Characters in Naruto

1. Can Awaken the Rinnegan

The first benefit is being able to awaken the Rinnegan. Now for this one thing, not everyone who uses Hashirama Cells can do it. So according to the information we got, Uchiha Clan members can awaken the Rinnegan by using Hashirama’s Cells.

As we know the Senju Clan is descended from Ashura, while the Uchiha Clan is descended from Indra. Now Ashura and Indra are the children of Hagoromo, so it’s not strange if two cells of Ashura and Indra’s descendants combine, it will awaken something extraordinary like the Rinnegan.

2. Increase Chakra Amount

The next benefit of Hashirama Cells is to increase the amount of chakra. Well, according to the information we got, those who use Hashirama Cells can definitely feel the effects of this one.

Can you imagine, just Hashirama’s cells even if the slightest bit can increase a large amount, what about Hashirama himself? Of course he has the capacity of chakra that is free, the proof is that he can hunt the Bijuu alone.

3. Treating Wounds Quickly

The next benefit of Hashirama Cells is to treat wounds quickly. In addition to increasing the amount of chakra, of course, these cells also provide other effects that are no less extraordinary.

Well, according to the information we got, Madara once said that whoever uses Hashirama’s Cells, they get fast Regeneration. Even in the 4th Shinobi World War, Madara showed the benefits of this one.

4. Replacing Lost Body Organs

Then can replace lost organs. Well, in addition to providing extraordinary benefits, apparently Hashirama cells can also replace lost organs. This is evidenced by Obito, Danzo and Naruto.

As we know Obito’s body was partially crushed by rocks, but after getting Hashirama’s Cell he returned to normal life. Besides Obito, Danzo and Naruto also felt the same benefit, namely their hands.

5. Extend Life

The last benefit of Hashirama Cells is to prolong life. In addition to increasing Chakras, rapid regeneration and replacing body organs, apparently there are other benefits that are no less interesting.

So according to the information we got, Hashirama cells can prolong life. This has been proven by Madara himself, so after getting his friend’s body parts, Madara can live until the 3rd Shinobi World War.

Thus the discussion about the benefits of Hashirama Cells for characters in Naruto. So, after reading this article, what do you think about these cells? So do you think you want to try using this cell?