How to Create a New PUBG Mobile Account

The PUBG Mobile game is the most popular game by gamers from abroad. The PUBG game is also one of the toughest competitors for the Free Fire game and is sometimes a debate among gamers.

The Game Made by Tencent Gemes has won quite a fantastic achievement on the Google Playstore and has been downloaded by many Android and PC smartphone users. PUBG is not just an ordinary game, this battleground war game is very fun to play, you can also play together with your friends.

If you are interested and interested in playing the PUBG mobile game, this time I will make a tutorial on how to create a new PUBG mobile account on Android and PC.

How to Create a New PUBG Mobile Account

Actually there are two platforms for registering a pubg account, you can use an android device and it can also be via a PC, so here I am using the PC platform.  Maybe you think that if we have registered on a PC, can we also play on Android with the same username?

In this tutorial, I use a PC to register a PUBG Mobile account so if you ask why do you register a pubg account on a PC? Can the account that we register for PUBG on PC play on our Android?

How to Create a PUBG Mobile Account Using Facebook

How to create a new pubg account , you click the Facebook logo later you will be shown with the next menu menu

In the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT menu you click Agree this menu is their license regulation menu, oh yes this pubg mobile is free and is an online war game so to play it you must have a network connection, to play pubg mobile on an android device at least you have cellphone specifications with 3/32 RAM or 4/64 RAM if below it can’t because this game has a large enough storage.

Now here you enter your Facebook account from your email and fb password to log in to the pubg

In the Login with Facebook menu, click continue as and you will be redirected back to the pubg mobile game.

Now in the REGION selection menu you choose ASIA because we live in Indonesia so just select ASIA and then click Continue

In the Character menu we are asked to create a character in the PUBG account. This is where we determine whether our character uses a female or male if I like girls, and you can also choose facial posture, hairstyle, For the Select Flag menu select the Indonesian flag, and if you have created a character name in your new pubg game account then click Create.

On the How Familiar Are You With Shooting Games Menu? you just select Rookie and then click OK

And here we have successfully created a new pubg mobile account, the next stage you just need to follow the instructions suggested by the pubg game, in the picture I uploaded above you just click START to start practicing playing the pubg mobile game. and until here you can play pubg mobile games.

That’s all and thank you for playing pubg mobile games.