How to Create a Roblox Account On Android & PC

Roblox is one of the most popular games for children. From adults and children to teenagers and young children, Roblox games are online games and game creation systems that allow users to program games and play games created by other users.

Roblox game was founded by David Baszuki and Erik Cassel in 2004. and officially released in 2006, roblox game is also a free to play the game.

By playing this game you can also build a house and build the foundation you want, from building ships and building debris.

So if you are interested in playing Roblox, you have to register for a Roblox account first. Oh yes, Roblox can also be played on Android and PC, so you don’t have to be afraid that Roblox can’t be played on PC.

For a guide on how to create a Roblox account, you can follow the guide and tutorial for registering a Roblox account below.

How to Create a Roblox Account

Before creating a roblox account, you go to the register page at the following link  in the SIGN UP AND START HAVING FUN menu you are asked to fill in your data, from month, date, year of birth, username, password and your gender or gender.

If you are confused and don’t understand, you can see the image I uploaded below so that it is clear and not wrong in filling in the roblox registration forum.

After you have filled everything in, click SIGN UP, you should write down the username and password because later we will use the username and password to log into the roblox.

In the Verification menu, this is the most difficult and complicated part. For that, you have to understand if you are confused, try to translate what they are asking for in Indonesian. So that you know what the Roblox verification robot tells you to do.

In the next Verification menu you will find an image where you are asked to adjust the image, for me personally this section is the most difficult because if you can’t complete verification you won’t be able to play roblox.

After you have successfully passed the verification, you can play roblox games, not only roblox games, bro, it turns out that there are many other games that you can play through the roblox platform. So if you are bored playing roblox there are other games that you can play and of course the games they provide are fun.

That’s all about how to create a roblox account, hopefully this article is useful and happy playing roblox games game