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Panasonic unveils latest SoundSlayer wearable gaming speaker

Panasonic has released its latest SoundSlayer wearable speaker that can deliver an exciting audio experience while playing your favourite games.

The GNW10 SoundSlayer is the newest version of the SoundSlayer speaker released last year.

The lightweight speaker is worn around your neck and places four 38mm speakers right below your ears to add even more realism to your game.

“The GNW10 SoundSlayer delivers an immersive audio soundscape and intense gaming experience, along with crystal-clear communication,” says Fifi Tjiong, Product Marketing Manager – AV, Panasonic.

“It’s combined with an ergonomic design that removes pressure on ears and the head, so you can play hard in comfort.”

By connecting the transmitter to a PC or console via USB, this creates a wireless connection to the speaker so you’re not getting tangled up in cables.

The GNW10 SoundSlayer works with Windows 10/11 PCs, PS4 and PS5 consoles and the Nintendo Switch in TV mode only.

The speaker has new housing that’s 60 per cent larger than the previous version and offers improved audio and more powerful bass to help immerse you into the game even further.

The GNW10 SoundSlayer is an alternative to conventional headphones and players can still hear dialogue, music, sound effects and chat.

Play who connect the speaker to their PC can also install the SoundSlayer app which brings added functionality including accessing the equaliser, adjusting chat volume and choosing a sound mode.

The GNW10 SoundSlayer Is designed to be worn for hours and eliminates contact pressure around the ears and the top of your head that’s often the result of wearing headphones for extended periods.

Panasonic did a long study of ergonomics and created a housing that avoids contact with the collarbone and places no pressure on the trapezius muscles. The results in a comfortable lightweight fit.

Onboard is proprietary wireless technology that can transmit six channel audio signals on a dedicated 2.4Ghz band with the latency below 20ms so you can stay competitive and comfortable within the game.

There are also microphones on both sides of the speaker to make sure you’re heard during the game no matter where your head is facing.

The GNW10 SoundSlayer Also has AI voice control and noise cancelling that eliminates the ambient noise around you so your fellow players will only hear your voice loud and clear.

The Panasonic GNW10 SoundSlayer will be available in mid-December through Amazon and will be priced at $449.