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Aussie Formula 1 star Oscar Piastri partners with Quad Lock to promote road safety campaign

Australian Formula 1 superstar Oscar Piastri has joined forces with Quad Lock to launch a road safety campaign to stop drivers using their smartphones while they are driving.

Piastri was named the 2023 Formula 1 Rookie of the Year and has partnered with Quad Lock to share an important message: “Keep your hand off it!”

This message is directed at drivers who think they can still text and scroll while they are driving which puts themselves and other road users in danger.

More than 360,000 mobile infringements were issues in Australia in 2022 – an increase of 63 per cent from the previous year.

In NSW alone, there were 191 casualties between 2012 and 2019 involving a driver using a handheld mobile phone.

“As a professional driver, safety has always been paramount to me, both on and off the track,” Piastri says.

“Unfortunately, a surge in road incidents often accompanies the holiday season, and I think it’s a really important message to address unsafe phone use which is a preventable factor in many accidents.”

Australia is leading the way to prioritise safety when it comes to using our smartphones in our cars.

And the message is already getting through with Quad Lock reporting a significant growth in sales of their products which offers a secure mounting system.

The Australian designed fixed mounting system has experienced a 50 per cent year on year increase for its Drive category.

“Quad Lock has always been at the forefront of promoting safe and secure mounting of smart phone devices,” says Rob Ward, co-Founder of Quad Lock and staunch advocate for safety and innovation.

“We are proud to launch the ‘Keep Your Hands Off It’ narrative alongside Oscar, as it aligns with our commitment to enhancing driver safety through innovative solutions.

“Quad Lock sales data and the notable growth of the ‘Drive’ category tells a promising story that Aussies are in fact listening.

“This is encouraging, and we hope that through focused messages such as this, we can continue to improve driver safety as a nation.”

The law states a driver must use a commercially designed and manufactured fixed mounting and placed inside the vehicle so it will not distract the driver.