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Hisense 75-inch Mini-LED X TV review – stunning picture and audio right out of the box


The Hisense Mini-LED X is a stunning TV that offers both high quality picture and high quality audio out the box. This rare combination will offer a brilliant home entertainment experience.

Hisense has made a breakthrough with its Mini LED X UXAU televisions that offer the larger screen sizes Australian customers are craving and with the audio and video quality to provide the ultimate experience.

Tech Guide looked at the 75-inch Mini LED X TV (75UXAU) and we were impressed by the brightness and accuracy of the picture and the superb punch of the audio.

The Hisense 75UXAU has a large central stand and a thin bezel around the stunning 4K screen as well as two speakers on the left and right edges.

Under the hood is the Mini-LED X technology which has introduced a whole new level of picture quality.

There are more than 20,000 Mini-LED lights which gives the TV a peak brightness of up to 2,500 nits on the 85-inch model and up to 1,500 nits on the 75-inch.

These tiny lights form more than 5,000 full array local dimming zones which provides bright whites, darkest blacks and all the resulting details at every increment in between.

The result is a remarkable level of detail whether it’s the fur of an animal, the leaves of a tree, a person’s eye lashes or the threads of material on a jumper.

One of many movies and TV shows we watched was Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and the detail of Kylo Ren’s mask and his hair (after he destroys the mask) was quite impressive as were the feathers on the Porgs and the detail of Rey’s and Luke Skywalker’s faces and costumes.

The other obvious benefit is the contrast – lighter and darker colours can be side by side and still manage to keep their own brightness and intensity.

Black levels were quite respectable, and while not to the level of an OLED TV, it certainly wasn’t far off it.

This precision was missing from traditional LED displays with larger backlights and far fewer dimming zones.

But Mini-LED X adds razor sharp reality.

Another feature that does some of the heavy lifting is the Hi-View Engine X powered by AI to enhance the image and sound quality even further.

It is designed to act like the human brain simulating brain patterns with 16-bit computing power with 65,536 level of brightness at its disposal to provide the best possible outcome in real time.

But that’s not all the TV has up its sleeve.

The foundation of Hisense’s TV quality over the years is its proprietary quantum dot technology which is responsible for coming up with brilliant natural colour and the right skin tones and other hues.

In fact, Hisense’s quantum dot technology can recognise more than a billion shades so you can enjoy vivid and distinct colour no matter what you’re watching.

Skin tones were always consistent and accurate as were trees and oceans and animals.

Also onboard the Hisense Mini-LED X TV is HDR 10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ which take the viewing conditions into account before accurately depicting how bright or dark the scene will be.

What also impressed us was the viewing angle. So even if you’re out on the wing and didn’t score the plum spot in the centre of the couch you can still enjoy the same impressive picture quality.

Australians tend to have their TV in a large bright open plan room and Hisense 75UXAU can handle it with hardly any reflection so there is nothing that will distract you from the amazing picture.

On the audio side, the Hisense TV also packs quite a punch with CineStage X 4.1.2 so it creates a brilliant surround soundscape to go with the brilliant picture and entice even more of your senses.

It can handle Dolby Atmos and DTS HD so you’ll be hearing quality audio coming from all directions.

A closer inspection of the TV showed not only the two sided speakers but also two speakers on the back of the TV as well

We were impressed by the directional and surround sound that’s usually only achievable with a soundbar – but this was all coming from the TV. Simply remarkable.

And if you’re a gamer or sports lover, the Hisense TV has got you well and truly covered.

Who wouldn’t want to play games on the best screen in the house.

The 144Hz Game Mode Pro brings to the table Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) so you can see the game in its finest form with Dolby Vision making the gameplay look its best.

And with 200 Smooth Motion Rate and AI Sports Mode, you’ll think you’re live at the game with lifelike smoothness and noise reduction thanks to a dynamic algorithm that’s designed to enhance the fast moving action.

Another strong feature of the Hisense Mini-LED X TV is the VIDAA U7 Smart TV operating system which allows you to get to your favourite streaming apps and find your content in seconds.

The easy to navigate layout puts all your viewing options front and centre.

The Hisense TV is also compatible with all the major streaming apps including Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV+, Foxtel, Stan, Kayo, Binge, Prime Video as well as all the free to air catch up apps and much, much more.

The Hisense Mini-LED X is available now and is priced at $4,999 for the 75-inch and $9,999 for the 85-inch.

Retail pricing may be slightly lower than these prices – that’s up to each individual retailer.

For us the 75-inch model represents the best value – we’ve seen it as cheap as $3,880 and the 85-inch as low as $8,995.


The Hisense Mini-LED X is a stunning TV that offers both high quality picture and high quality audio out the box. This rare combination will offer a brilliant home entertainment experience.